Practical details of the public consultation process

All interested parties are invited to voice their opinion on this document, which contains the “spectrum management issues” sections of the consultation.

Opinions may also be posted on the dedicated website, which includes a series of “spectrum usage sections” in addition to the “management issues sections".

Contributors’ attention is drawn particularly to the proposals set out at the close of each of the “management issues” sections.

This public consultation remains open until 6 pm on 28 February. Only contributions received prior to this deadline will be taken into consideration.

Contributions should be addressed to ANFR, preferably by email to the following address:

Failing which, contributions may be submitted by post to the following address:

Agence Nationale des Fréquences
for the attention of Mr. Gilles Brégant, Director General
78, avenue du Général de Gaulle
94704 Maisons-Alfort

In the interests of transparency, ANFR will publish in full all contributions received, with the exception of any elements subject to commercial confidentiality. Should their reply contain any such elements, contributors are invited to submit two versions:

a confidential version, in which the passages subject to commercial confidentiality are identified within square brackets and highlighted in grey, for example: “a market share of [25]%”;
a public version, in which the passages subject to commercial confidentiality are replaced by “…”, for example: “a market share of “…”%”.

Contributors are invited to limit, as far as possible, the passages covered by commercial confidentiality. ANFR reserves the right unilaterally to declassify items of information that, by their nature, do not fall within the domain of commercial confidentiality.

Access the spectrum usage sections

Access the management issues sections

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